Welcome to the Maine Eye Cataract Center.

Having cataract surgery in Maine?

Happy Family Eating Food OutsideIf you live in Maine and think you might be in the early stages of developing cataracts we hope that our website will provide you with some basic educational information before your visit. Millions of Americans have cataract surgery every year. It is the most reimbursed medical procedure in existence. It is the most common surgery for Americans over the age of 65. We do understand that having cataract surgery can be often times quite scary. Please feel free to visit our doctor pages to get a better idea of the education and experience that our ophthalmologists bring to Maine.

Your Maine Eye Cataract Surgeons are:

Dr. Samuel Cady

Dr. Curtis Libby

Dr. Margaret Pollard

Dr. Sara Bozorg

Could you have cataracts?

Our eyes work much like a photographic camera. A clear lens is necessary in order for images to focus clearly. At birth, our lenses are clear. When a cataract forms your natural lens can become “cloudy” or “dark yellow” over time, eventually degrading the quality of your vision.

Main Causes:

  • AGING – When our vision starts to require glasses for reading the cataract process is beginning but takes 20 plus years to form.
  • FROM BIRTH – This can be genetic or from infections while in the womb
  • TRAUMATIC – severe injuries to the eye can cause a cataract to form
  • OXIDATION STRESSES – UV radiation,” therapeutic” radiation, medication, and toxic chemicals.

Cataract Surgery is typically performed when your visual disturbance is negatively impacting activities like driving, participating in sports or watching television. Up until recently most lenses implanted after the removal of the cataract were monofocal lens implants that provided decent distance vision but patients still needed glasses to see up close or to read. Now with advancements in lens technology patients can see at near, far or intermediate distances after cataract surgery.