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For many years, Maine Eye has been offering the services of an optical shop to our patients and to the public. As with all the services we provide, the quality of care you receive is our focus. Whether you need new eyeglasses for everyday living, new sunglasses, or protective eyewear, the Optical Shop’s opticians will spend time with you to help you choose eyewear that meets your needs and is best for you.


We invite you to visit Maine Eye’s Portland optical shop after your appointment to browse our selection of eyeglasses, frames, and eyewear.

We look forward to meeting you. Following is a list of frequently asked questions designed to assist you. We hope you find them helpful. We are also available by phone if you would like additional information.


What types of eyewear do you offer?

We offer a wide selection of eyeglass frames with over 600 traditional and designer styles. And our children’s eyewear selection is the largest in Southern Maine.

In addition to eyeglasses, we offer sunglasses, sports eyewear, ski goggle inserts and safety glasses. If there is an item you are looking for that we do not have in stock, just let us know, and we’ll order it for you.

Brands include: Gucci, Nike Eyewear, Ray Bans, MODO, Etina Barcelona, Banana Republic, Kate Spade, Flexon, Maui Jim, Oakley, Silhouette, Tiffany & Co., Persol, Life Italia, Kliik, Scott Harris, Costa Del Mar

What is your warranty policy regarding eyeglass lenses and frames?

Maine Eye stands behind the quality of the eyeglasses provided by our Optical Shop. We are happy to provide the following warranty on eyeglass lenses and frames:

  • All new ophthalmic frames have a two-year warranty.
  • All new sunglass frames have a one- year warranty.
  • All doctor RX change will no charge if done within 90 days of original order.
  • Non-Adapts have 90 days from order date to make coating or lens style changes.
  • Frame restyle can be done 1 time within 90 days of original order.
  • Lens with anti-reflective coatings will have between one- and two-year warranty for any scratches or defects.
  • Any orders canceled will be subject to lab fees, these are custom-made product specific to your specifications.
  • Warranties will be VOID if the frames have been glued, dog chewed or physically lost.

Do I need a scratch protection coating?

Scratch protection is extremely helpful, particularly on plastic lenses which tend to scratch more easily than glass lenses.

Why is ultraviolet (UV) coating important?

Just like the ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun damages your skin it can also damage your eyes if you don’t protect them. UVA light rays affect the internal lens of the eye and UVB light rays are absorbed by the cornea, the front part of the eye. And though the sun is the most powerful source of UV radiation, the most significant exposure comes from the reflection of the sun on ground surfaces (snow, sand, concrete, water). By treating your eyeglasses and sunglasses with a UV protective coating you can reduce the exposure to your eye by up to 99%.

What help do anti-reflective coatings provide?

Anti-reflective coatings help to reduce the reflection of light in your eyeglasses. In an office environment, overhead lighting and computer monitors create lots of reflections on the internal surface of your eyeglasses. Even the small amount of light in your car at night can cause significant reflections in your glasses. These types of reflections can make it difficult to see clearly and create eye strain. The anti-reflective coating offers eyeglass wearers less reflection and allows people to see more clearly.

What is a progressive lens?

Progressive lenses are also known as no-line bifocals. They allow you to see objects from near to far but without the obvious line on your eyeglasses.

Where can I find more information?

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